We offer a variety of monitoring services, including geoenvironmental and geotechnical services, site sampling and testing

Once drilling work finishes, our environmental technicians are strategically based around the UK ready to carry out a wide range of environmental monitoring and sampling tasks as part of a wider drilling and ground investigation project or as a stand-alone monitoring and sampling project.

Each technician is fully equipped with a wide range of manufacturer- and field-calibrated equipment, including gas analysers, dataloggers, multiparameter water quality meters, low-flow pumps and geotechnical equipment, such as inclinometers and extensometers.

Safety accreditations

We focus on quality and safety, with training and qualifications such as Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) passports. Operating under a full safety, health, environment and quality system, with safe systems of work and method statements in place for each task, our technicians operate according to our ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 accredited SHEQ management system.

We work with our clients to reduce site monitoring costs while maintaining high-quality standards to ensure repeatable representative results. We have a broad range of experience from working for sole trader consultancies to multinational enterprises such as Shell, Horizon and Costain.

We offer a one-off visit or repeat visits to multiple locations and sites

A layer of supervision over the technicians is in place to provide one point of contact for you, ensuring complex instructions such as targeting low pressure events are followed and quality control checks take place throughout the process. For the longer term or difficult access projects, we can install and maintain datalogger and telemetry systems to allow remote monitoring of gas, water levels and water quality parameters in boreholes, surface water and discharge points. Such systems have the functionality to send email or SMS notifications when set trigger values are breached, giving timely warning of potential issues such as an increase in suspended solids at a permitted discharge point or an increase in water levels at a location susceptible to flooding. Trigger levels are in place to generate SMS and email notifications of breaches 24 hours a day.

Gas and groundwater

We can install the full range of groundwater and gas monitoring instruments, including standard standpipe piezometers set in sand cells within boreholes and slotted standpipes with internal diameters of 19–50 mm or larger. Groundwater and product levels are measured using interface and dip meters, with ground gas and vapour monitored using infrared analysers and photoionization detectors. Waterlogged sites can be monitored for ground gas using our flux boxes in combination with gas analysers or flame ionization detectors for low-range flammable gas.

In addition to water level monitoring within boreholes and waterbodies, permeability testing is a core task to establish the conductive potential of the ground. Variable head tests are done using well slugs to displace water within boreholes with dataloggers set to record recovery. For highly permeable ground, we use pneumatic initiation slug tests in combination with rapid-intensity dataloggers, which can record water levels up to seven times per second.

Ground movement

One of the simplest techniques to monitor ground movement is to install and monitor the level of settlement by placing plates into the ground. More sophisticated monitoring includes using extensometers with spider magnets placed at multiple levels in boreholes; changes in depth are measured at rerun visits using reed switch meters. Horizontal movement can also be measured by installing borehole inclinometers that are subsequently monitored using a biaxial probe. Data from the equipment can be graphed using dedicated software to visually express movement. Vibrating wire piezometers can be installed alongside a datalogger to record data at set intervals, and downloads or spot readings can be recorded at subsequent return visits to site. Shape arrays, inclinometers, extensometers and slip indicators are all available for installation on projects.

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Key skills and services

We offer a range of service options and greater value for money. For example, a client can opt to have samples taken and sent to an independent laboratory, or for preferential rates samples can be sent to our sister UKAS-accredited laboratory.

  • CSCS certification
  • SPA petrol retail safety passport
  • Shell Health, Safety, Security and Environment passport
  • National Highways inducted
  • Water Hygiene card
  • PFAS approved sampling techniques
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check
  • Range of security clearance levels
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Geoenvironmental services

  • Gas, flow and water level monitoring
  • Low-flow sampling (bladder and peristaltic)
  • Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) interval gas and flow monitoring
  • Gas and vapour sample collection – Tedlar bags and vacuum canisters
  • Flux box surveys for sites with high water table or flooded response zones
  • Landfill gas and leachate monitoring and sampling
  • Flammable emissions monitoring including flame ionization detector (FID) surveys
  • Surface water sampling and monitoring – flow and quality
  • Discharge sampling – in situ water quality readings (turbidity, total suspended solids, persistent organic pollutants, etc.)

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Geotechnical services

  • GPS borehole surveying – using highly accurate equipment to identify coordinates and elevation compared to sea level
  • Clegg hammer and dynamic cone penetration testing
  • Permeability testing – variable head, constant flow and constant head testing
  • Pneumatic initiation slug testing, combined with rapid-intensity dataloggers
  • Slip indicator
  • Inclinometer and extensometer monitoring

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