Structural Soils provides a broad range of in situ tests

Our technicians are trained and experienced in multiple in situ services and provide:

  • nationwide coverage
  • a typical lead time of one to two days
  • quick turnaround on results
  • UKAS-accredited services.
Structural Soils services - in situ testing - service list

California bearing ratio

A penetration test for evaluating the mechanical strength of road subgrades, which is usually carried out on-site using a vehicle-mounted California bearing ratio (CBR) machine.

Density testing

Several methods for determining the in situ density of undisturbed or compacted soil and granular materials.

Lightweight deflectometer

A type of plate test that can assess the compaction of a surface and calculate EV/EV2 and CBR values.

Structural Soils services - in situ testing service list

Plate load test

A method for testing the bearing capacity of the ground to determine settlement under load on soil, fill and sub-base; the readings can be used to calculate equivalent CBR values on materials too coarse for standard CBR tests.

Soakaway/infiltration testing

An infiltration test (measuring a property similar to permeability) to assess the drainage capabilities of any given ground material. You can find out more about our Soakaway infiltration testing services in our quick guide.

Thermal and electrical resistivity

Tests to determine the in situ thermal or electrical resistivity of soils.

Waste acceptance criteria (WAC) and UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) pipeline selection testing and reporting

Sampling, testing and interpretive reporting of soils for off-site disposal and reuse with utility pipelines.

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