We are a reliable expert in planning and delivering geotechnical ground investigations and providing geotechnical consultancy services

A ground investigation normally begins with a desk-based study of historical maps and published geology and environmental data coupled with a site walk over to establish the design of the scope of work required to produce a ground investigation report that is tailored to client and project requirements.

Unforeseen ground conditions are a common cause of complications, delays and increased construction costs.  Early intervention can reduce or eliminate these risks to deliver practical and cost-effective ground investigations.

Ground investigation and consultancy

We specify, manage, supervise and interpret the findings of intrusive geotechnical and geoenvironmental ground investigations for projects in the UK and internationally. Our consultancy covers a wide range of geotechnical and geoenvironmental aspects, including bearing capacity foundation settlement, pile foundations, pavement design, soakaway drainage, slope stability analysis and earthworks. We assess and provide geotechnical parameters for the design of foundations and structures.

Projects and sectors

We undertake projects of all sizes and across many market sectors, including public and private infrastructure.

Reports and digital data

A range of different reports can be provided including conventional desk studies, factual and interpretive reports, coal mining risk assessments (CMRA) and reports that meet the requirements of BS EN 1997-2:2007 Eurocode 7. Geotechnical design – Ground investigation and testing.

Geotechnical data can be provided in the latest AGS format (version 4.1.1) or other digital formats (.xlsx, .csv). Note: AGS data is a required part of the digital report for projects completed to the UK Specification for Ground Investigation, Third Edition, 2022).

Further guidance on different types of report can be found in our resource: Which type of report is right for you?

Our services

  • Comprehensive geological and geotechnical desk studies to identify potential geohazards
    This could include compressible soils, shrinkable clays, ground and groundwater conditions that are aggressive toward buried concrete, natural or man-made cavities, and unstable slopes. A geotechnical desk study should be completed before designing a geotechnical ground investigation.
  • Design, specification and management of geotechnical ground investigations for all scales of project
    Projects ranging from domestic extensions and single structures through to large commercial developments and new infrastructure.
  • Geological and geotechnical characterisation of sites
    This includes the development of ground models incorporating detailed cross-sections, plus geotechnical risk registers appropriate to the project scope and stage.
  • Assessment of geotechnical design parameters to BS EN 1997-2:2007 Eurocode 7. Geotechnical design – Ground investigation including properties such as strength, stiffness, compressibility and permeability.
  • Guidance and advice on the design and construction of geotechnical structures or schemes and on ground-related problems, including:
    – foundations, basements and retaining walls
    – excavations, earthworks and slope stability
    – construction on soft or poor ground
    – pavements and drainage
    – ground improvement and soil stabilisation
    – working platforms, mobile crane support and other temporary works
    – geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring of the ground and groundwater
    – coal mining risk assessments and other mining-related risks
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