We provide a comprehensive range of high-quality downhole geophysical logging services, packer testing and high-pressure dilatometer testing services. Using an experienced and dedicated professional team and a wide range of tools, we are committed to high standards of data acquisition and processing.

Geophysical logging

All equipment complies with international standards, is fully calibrated and is maintained to high standards and comes with the appropriate certificate of conformity. The data are processed using the latest software and presented in PDF, LAS or CSV formats.

Structural Soils services - packer testing

Packer testing

Packer testing can be conducted with either a double packer assembly, where the test is conducted in sequence on completion of the drilling of a borehole, or with a single packer assembly, where the test is conducted between depth progressions during the drilling of a borehole. We have modified a single packer assembly to facilitate undertaking packer testing in an inclined borehole. The modification allows the packer assembly to be in the centre of the borehole, i.e., along the central line of the borehole. The modification works well with the Geobore S drilling system.

Packer testing information sheet

Structural Soils services - high-pressure dilatometer test

High-pressure dilatometer test

The high-pressure dilatometer test generally provides the shear modulus (G), elastic modulus (Ei) and stiffness of rock, consolidated or over-consolidated clay and cemented sand in the borehole under in situ conditions. The deformation behaviour of the rock is measured by applying cycles of loading and unloading on the borehole wall. The test is carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 22476-5 (2023) Geotechnical Investigation and testing – Field Testing – Prebored pressuremeter test.

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Structural Soils services - geologging list of services

Our services

  • High-resolution optical televiewer
  • High-resolution acoustic televiewer
  • Verticality measurement
  • Caliper
  • PS logger
  • Full waveform sonic logging
  • Electrical resistivity logging
  • Focused electrical resistivity logging
  • Impeller flow meter
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Formation density
  • Natural gamma ray, fluid temperature and conductivity

More geologging information

Download: Geophysical downhole logging

Download: Geotechnical downhole testing

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